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Golden Retriever Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas

Katie M.

I started working with Cassie after I completed an obedience 1 program at a positive-only training facility. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the results outside of the classroom. My dog, Goose, and 1 year-old giant golden retriever, and was the dog that people would take one look at and say "that poor girl, her dog is dragging her down the sidewalk." Or, "have you thought about getting your dog some training???" Yeah...

So I got in touch with Cassie through a friend and shared my experience/progress with Goose's training, and she listened to me and gave me some solid feedback and suggestions before meeting up or paying a dime. I think this is important because it highlights that Cassie genuinely loves what she does and is passionate about her work and helping other people.

After 3 private lessons, I am actually amazed at Goose's progress and look forward to our sessions each week. He has some pretty bad leash aggression, which we worked on last week. I can actually see the progress he has made and notice significant changes in his behavior. This has ultimately improved the relationship between me and Goose, which I didn't expect.

Aside from receiving desired results, Cassie is amazingly talented, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I really enjoy her approach and perspective and never feel intimidated or afraid to ask questions. Compared to the first training place I tried, which mostly emphasized commands and tricks, Cassie's approach is much more focused on the behavioral side of things. She really takes the time to explain what causes my dog's undesired behaviors, and how to change/redirect these behaviors for the benefit of both me and my dog--we are both happier and have a better relationship!

All-in-all, Wise Tails method is comprehensive and effective. I am really grateful to have met Cassie and just wish I started training with her from the start!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas

Rachael H.

My partner and I reached out to Cassie at Wise Tails to get some help for our 3 year-old husky mix, Jeff. We adopted Jeff when he was just under 2 and he quickly demonstrated that he had some serious dog reactivity and leash aggression. He would pull so hard on walks that only my partner could walk him, and his hand would be sore after from gripping the leash so tight. Jeff would also growl and lunge at every dog we crossed paths with, creating a huge scene and making him really hard to control. As my partner and I prepared for the arrival of our first baby, we knew it was time to take Jeff's issues more seriously. We looked into some better known training centers, but none seemed like the right fit. All of them also involved the dog staying in a kennel outside among a bunch of other dogs, and we didn't want our guy to to think he was back in a shelter. An acquaintance referred me to Cassie and I was impressed by her prompt and thorough response to my message. She gave me a professional understanding of what might be going on with Jeff and how she might be able to help. After Cassie did a home visit to meet Jeff and explain her methodology, we ended up choosing a 2-week board in option. Throughout his stay, Cassie sent us videos of Jeff doing things we never thought possible: staying on "place" while delicious treats were thrown all around him, walking peacefully alongside other dogs, and coming when called. At the end of his stay, Cassie returned to us a happier, better behaved dog--and it was clear that Cassie grew to really love having him around, too. We can now walk him without him pulling. He can see other leashed dogs and either ignore them or listen when we tell him to stop. He can heel. Jeff really seems to enjoy having some structure to his walks and the satisfaction of praise. While Jeff still reacts to loose dogs in our neighborhood that approach him (who wouldn't?!), we feel more confident in our ability to control those situations when they arise and are thrilled that he can now coexist with other leashed without acting out the aggression he had before. Cassie is an extremely professional, responsive, and talented trainer and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wise Tails to anyone.

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas

Amanda S.

I wish I would give Cassie 10 stars!!! From the consultation phone call to the drop off and pick up was absolutely wonderful! She gave us updates on Theo while he was there with her for two weeks and really took the time to bond with him before the training and he felt so comfortable with her. Before Cassie he would listen when it was convenient, now he is such a good listener and an all-around fantastic dog. Her tips she gave to us during a lesson when we picked him up were so helpful as well!  If you cant do the board and train I would highly recommend the private training sessions as well. Everything she does is so thought out for each specific dog and just a fantastic experience all around. I think I called over 7 places in the Austin area and she was the one I felt like took the most time to learn about Theo and his home situation and personality to tailor a program to his needs. I can't say enough good things about Cassie and if you need any help training your dog she is the one to call hands down. It was worth every penny.

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas

Jessica H.

We would 100% recommend having Cassie train your dog! A little background, my partner and I were torn about sending Canyon, our 6 month old puppy, to a board & train program. This was partly because everyone claimed he was so well behaved and his personality is pretty chill. In reality, we usually wore him out before we took him anywhere, so he was just tired when he met our friends. We struggled with leash pulling/lunging (particularly on our morning walks), over-excitement around other dogs, lack of consistency in basic commands (does he understand us or is he ignoring us?!), and mouthing me when he didn't get his way.Cassie worked wonders with Canyon and he is a much better version of his perfect puppy-self. Leash is incredible- he heels, sits when we stop, makes eye contact to engage when we're walking downtown ATX. He is also so much better with his reactivity around other dogs, where it rarely happens unless we're in a weird tightly confined area like an elevator, but even then it's just a little whine because he wants to play with the other dog. "Place" has been a game changer in the house, and it has helped calm the zoomie hour where the mouthing usually happened, giving him something else to focus on.Canyon's listening skills have been turned on and we no longer question if he knows what we're asking of him. Before Wise Tails Academy, we lacked consistency and full knowledge of dog training, trying purely positive techniques to be "kind" dog parents, but it just didn't work and our dog was outsmarting us or confused when we got frustrated. Cassie's balanced approach has given us the boundaries we need and corrections that Canyon understands. If there was any doubt of his happiness at the program (because let's face it, it was so hard to be away from our new pup!) the updates she sent up to the day we picked him up let us know that he was having a blast. His attention and deference to Cassie was incredible and you could tell that he both loved her and respected her while going through training. We are now enjoying those same things from Canyon every day and hope that you will too!



As one of the top Canine Training and Behavior Specialists in Texas, I make sure to give my clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my valued clients. Read on to learn more about their experiences, and see why your pet should be training with me, too. Contact me now to get started!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Katie W.

Cassie has done wonders for my dogs. My youngest sheepadoodle just left her 4-week training program. She has come back home more calm than ever. She had issues with impulse control and guarding. Cassie has taught her and me the proper skills to ensure that we will not run into any problems and that these traits can be trained and corrected. I feel so lucky to have found Cassie for my dogs. Our take-home evaluation was incredibly helpful. I brought my family along, as well, so they could learn with me. She was so accommodating and taught us in-depth the how and why behind all of the skills she taught my puppy. I HIGHLY recommend her! Cassie is very honest and gives nothing but heart and compassion when it comes to training. She is so passionate about dogs, making sure that they are comfortable with their surroundings and the outside world. She helped me become confident and knowledgeable in training both of my dogs, that I know now, I can be calm but assertive if need be.

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Mccall W

Do yourself a favor and take your dog to Cassie immediately!!! She is a true dog whisperer. We got a golden retriever puppy, Stella, and were having so much trouble with her jumping and biting and nothing we tried worked. We couldn't figure out how to communicate with her in a way that she would respond to. We saw multiple different trainers that also couldn't get Stella to respond to them. I found Cassie and Stella went to stay with her for four weeks. She is a different dog!!!! She has a strong foundation of what is expected of her, and my boyfriend and I now know how to communicate with Stella in a healthy, safe way that she actually understands! Cassie so knowledgable about safe training techniques and understands that all dogs are different and therefore need different approaches to their training. Cassie trained us as much as she trained Stella and we are so grateful for her. I can't recommend Wise Tails Academy enough!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Kim Y.

If you’re wishing to own the most well-behaved and loving dog that everyone makes positive comments about, go see Cassie at Wise Tails Academy. She’s amazing! In fact, she’s truly a dog whisperer. She can assess your dog to a “T” and knows exactly what they need to be successful. Her patient and loving way with dogs (& humans!) is incredible to witness. Our sweet rescue dog, Sagan, just needed to know boundaries while being a horse show dog and just basic manners around people and pets in general. Cassie accomplished that goal and more. Sagan is even more sweet, attentive, playful and obedient than I ever could have imagined. I have received numerous compliments on how well behaved she is around horses, people and utter chaos at times while horse showing. Having Cassie train your dog is worth every penny. Run, don’t walk to give her a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas

Audrey K.

Cassie has changed our lives. She took my crazy, spastic, aloof Goldendoodle, Lainey for 4 weeks and she came home calmer, obedient and controlled. She’s still gets excited and a little spastic, but corrects very quickly.

She use to jump on us all, mouth us, nip/mouth my children (one that has many allergies), run away, play keep away, pull your arm off while walking and just straight up not listen. Since my daughter does have significant allergies, if we couldn’t get her under control, we would feel obligated to give her back to the breeder to find her a more suitable home. Thank goodness, that is NO LONGER a concern.

Since Lainey has been home, we practice everything we have learned throughout the day, everyday. We have not had one accident in the house, no jumping, calm playing and she has no problem laying at our feet and being content. Everything we could have hoped for.

Thank you so much!!! She’ll definitely be returning for “refreshers” when we go on vacations!

Wise Tails Academy has changed our lives.

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Brittany E.

I cannot say enough good things about Cassie and Wise Tails Academy! We took our 5 month old Goldendoodle to her for the 4 week Board & Train Program and are SO happy with the results. Our pup had a tough time learning to be “chill,” didn’t have great recall and struggled on a lease. After a month with Cassie, he is a LOT calmer, is well-balanced in his demeanor, listens to commands (the biggest ones for us are “place,” “leave it” and “come”), and is a champ on the leash now. Our biggest challenge was understanding how best to communicate with him and Cassie helped create that foundation for us. She taught both the dog and us how to do this successfully. I could not recommend Cassie or her services more! If you want a harmonious relationship with your dog then look no further than Wise Tails Academy!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Jennifer R.

We love Wise Tails Academy! Our rescue dog Cinnamon barked uncontrollably whenever we saw dogs or people on our walks. She even barked at family and friends who visited our house, and just wouldn’t stop. After living for a while with Cassie, she’s a new dog! On her first day home, she heeled beautifully and let us have a nice conversation with a neighbor. She’s learned how to stay calm, and we’ve learned how to communicate with her. Thanks, Cassie!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Peggy Z.

I would not of been able to keep my rescue lab mix if it had not been for Cassie and Wise Tail Academy.  Lilly was a wild crazy dog but she spent 4 weeks with Cassie and came back as a discipline, obedient, and loving pet.  Cassie is an awesome trainer and she also spent time teaching me on how to continue with Lilly to keep her obedient and disciplined.  What makes Cassie so good is that she puts her heart into what she does and truly loves and respects each dog that goes through her training.  She is the best!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Lisa M.

Cassie at Wise Tails has been a tremendous help to us with our new puppy! She is extremely knowledgeable and pure magic with dogs. She has given us so much support in training our puppy, we really love how she takes the time to teach the owners in her lessons. So not only is our dog learning, but so are we. We will continue to use Cassie for training as our dog grows.

IMG_0297.JPGWise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Kerry N.

We adopted Milo, a blue heeler / australian shepherd mix in April, and he came to us with a lot of extreme leash reactivity (after being returned twice by two other families), and we honestly just got to a point where we didn't know how to help him and couldn't handle it on our own. We were referred to Cassie by one of her other clients, and she is truly one of the best trainers in Texas in my opinion. In his two week board and train, she was able to diagnose the true problems Milo was having and helped him build his confidence around other dogs. She also laid a foundation of training that can be sustained with Milo and taught us as his owners how to clearly communicate with him so he understands what we are asking of him. Just taking him for a walk used to be so stressful that I couldn't do it alone, and now we love our two walks a day and see lots of other pups in the neighborhood with no problems. He even has made some friends! He came back to us a confident, happy, well behaved pup and we have Cassie to thank for that. I can't recommend Wise Tails enough!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Kristin S.

I highly recommend Wise Tails Academy! Cassie was very responsive and quick to answer my initial questions and concerns. After our introductory meeting, we decided our one year old mini poodle needed a lot of work! He was hyper, would steal things from us to destroy, and once he was outside, would ignore calls from us to come back inside. My kids were a bit afraid of him as he was so constantly full of misdirected energy. We opted for a four week board and train, and though we missed our Teddy, we were sent weekly updates with photos and videos of progress! Once we got him back, he was a new dog! We could not believe his responsiveness and obedience. Cassie utilizes a blend of both positive reinforcement and consequences for negative behavior, which is exactly what Teddy needed! I would highly recommend Wise Tails to anyone looking to have their dogs go through training. My five year old daughter used to be scared of him and now she loves on him and treats him like a baby. Life is definitely easier on us now that Teddy respects us and knows how to obey. We are so thankful we found Wise Tails Academy!


Brenna W.

Cassie is a life savor! She has trained both of my dogs, Ollie and Goldie, since they were puppies. They are both doodles, so they are very smart, and need a lot of brain stimulation! She has taught me so many tricks to do with them at home to keep them entertained! She has also taught them how to relax and watch TV with me haha. Cassie is such a beautiful soul, and is one with animals. She will forever be training all of my dogs!

Wise Tails Academy Dog Training Best Dog Trainer in Texas Puppy Training

Stephanie M.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I recently did the 4 week training program with my 4 year old mini dachshund & Cassie did such a great job with him- he had behavioral issues he needed corrected & needed to get his barking under control among other things- he came home with such great manners & is finally behaving and not running the household. She did a great job at keeping me updated with progress while he was there & I loved getting these updates! It was definitely an investment, but worth every penny!


Liza V.

Zoey came to Wise Tails Academy to learn how to he a lady . She was no fun to walk because she pulled like crazy and went nuts whenever we encountered another dog. Cassie had her for just two short weeks and the transformation is amazing! It's not a chore to walk her anymore and she's gotten SO much better about not overreacting to other dogs. We continue to work with her on all that she's learned and Cassie has been great about answering my many follow up questions. She is patient, caring, and has high expectations for all her students! If you've got a furry family member that needs to learn a few things, I highly recommend Cassie and Wise Tails Academy!


Amy T.

Cassie is amazing. We got a new Australian Sheppard puppy who was difficult and shortly thereafter had to leave the puppy at home alone with our son. It turned out to be too much for him to handle and Cassie picked our puppy up, kept him for a week, started potty training him with a clicker, and taught him basic puppy manners. We were so impressed with his turn around - that we had him go back for the 2 week training. He went from not knowing his name, potty training being spotty, not listening, not doing well with the leash to being the best puppy ever. He learned to sit, stay, place, learned how to use the leash and was finally completely potty trained when we picked him up. The best part is we can have him in our front yard and he will come as soon as we call him the first time - even with other dogs to distract him.

I can't say enough good things about Cassie!


Kayla P.

I adopted a puppy in April 2019, and had never trained a puppy before. After a few days of struggling with house breaking, crate training, chewing, leash walking, barking... I needed help! I started researching dog trainers and found Cassie's Wise Tails Academy. I decided to do the 4 week board and train that summer once Otis was 5 months old. It was the best decision I made with bringing a new puppy into my life! He came home as a well behaved and obedient puppy. He had learned all the basics and even very impressive commands such as "place" on his dog cot. It's been 8 months and he still remembers the commands well. The 4 week board and train also gave Otis the positive social interaction with other dogs, and I believe is why he plays so well with other dogs now and is a little social butterfly. We've done some weekend stays for refreshers, which I love having the option of getting Otis continued training and he always comes home as a happy pup. I'm so grateful to have found Wise Tails and would highly recommend to anyone!


Terry N.

I’m ridiculously excited right now. Teddy, who’s almost 10 months old, loves people, allllll the people, allllll the time, he’s friendly and assumes everybody wants to be his friend. (Umm...sorry buddy, but, not all people appreciate your doggie enthusiasm.)

The doorbell rang and instead of barking, or bounding to the door to greet the person on the other side, or bolting through the front door....he ran straight to his “place cot” and sat there wagging his tail, the whole time I was talking with the front door open! He actually did it on his own, with no command from me!!

Teddy (and I) have learned so much from Cassie. He stayed with her for a 3 week board and train while we were on vacation in July. I have been so impressed with Cassie’s follow up support since then too, she’s answered my questions and offered suggestions. We are going to be traveling again this winter and Teddy will be packing his leash and heading back to hang with Cassie again then!

Thanks for the dog AND human training, Cassie!

Image by Braedon McLeod

Taylor B.

Cassie is an amazing trainer. I didn’t know what to expect when hiring a dog trainer but she listened to my concerns and knew exactly what my dog would need to help with correcting unwanted behavior.

I have a small Pomeranian/chihuahua mix that would run away and bark and we worked with a training collar and specific commands that I could use at home and continue to infiltrate into our daily routine and walks.

I am very pleased with the outcome of her training techniques. Reasonably priced for the tools and equipment you gain with her program.

Image by Cierra Voelkl

Debbie H.

Our 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier “Beef” has been transformed! I cannot say enough great things about Cassie - she’s an incredible trainer! Beef used to pull like crazy when on leash and now he’s walking right next to me with a loose leash and sits as soon as we stop! He now stays in place on his mat while I’m cooking instead of underfoot in the kitchen! Cassie not only works with the dogs but she teaches pet owners training techniques. I highly recommend Wise Tails Academy for any dog!

Image by Zeke Tucker

Brian N.

I can't say enough good things about Cassie and Wise Tails. We adopted our blue heeler/ Aussie shepherd mix a little over a month and a half ago, and he came to us with a lot of leash reactivity. He would go absolutely crazy when he saw another dog and nothing we tried worked. He also had a lot of anxiety and just had a hard time listening. We got to a point where we didn't know how to help him, and needed someone to step in to help us understand what to do. We took him to Cassie for a two week board and train and he came back to us a happy, well behaved pup. She laid a foundation and taught him the fundamentals that he needed in a sustainable way, but also taught us as his owners how to clearly communicate with him so he understands what we are asking for. We are lifetime clients of Wise Tails!


Meagan M.

I can’t even begin to say how happy and pleased I am with Percy’s experience at Wise Tails Academy. We had started out buying a home lesson package, but quickly realized both Percy and I needed some more intensive training. We opted for the 2 week board and train. When I went to pick him up, his behavior made me think he was a different dog! I was shocked over how far he had come in such a short time. When we got settled home and back in our routine, he was back to his normal silly self. I’m so excited for his future and for him to enjoy his life as an obedient dog.


Ali R.

Wise Tails Academy is great. I enrolled my labradoodle in the two week board and train. Prior to training, he had issues with getting overly excited, jumping on people, and some aggression. That has all resolved since his training. He behaved so much better and is able to control his excitement a lot better. I was also taught how to continue practicing his training with him at home, which was very beneficial. So thankful for the training my pup got at Wise Tails!

Image by Nayeli Rosales

Sarah M.

I don't even know where to start to explain how great Cassie is! I saw a difference in my pups behavior after one training session, and couldn't be more thrilled with the results after a handful! Bella was very hyperactive, pulled on her leash, and was curious about any distraction around. We now go on leisurely, quite, obedient walks and our house behavior is so much better as well! Highly recommend Wise Tail Academy and so happy to have a much less stressful relationship with my pup!!


Cara C.

I brought my dog to Wise Tails as she had no obedience with recall and would run out of the house and into the street. I had constant anxiety about her getting off leash or running away. In just two weeks, Cassie helped Luna learn recall and basic obedience for walking, she has been such a calmer dog overall and has completely changed our life! I am so grateful for Wise tails!!


Marianna L.

I cannot tell you how much Wise Tails changed my and my dog's everyday life for the better! The decision to take Nim to training was a big one, but I am SO GLAD I did it. The issues we struggled with ran the gamut from jumping up on people, to no recall command, to extreme leash aggression (to the point that I was getting dragged across roads and injured if he saw another dog). After training with Cassie, Nim and I have a clear set of commands, a better understanding of each other, and I feel safe and confident walking him, taking him to dog parks, having people over, etc. I needed more training than he did, honestly, and what's great about Cassie is she does both so well! Cannot recommend highly enough, if you're on the fence, just do it.

Image by FLOUFFY

Cindy B.

I wanted to share that I’ve had my Pomeranian for one year and I was needing some help with her excessive barking, and her pulling on the leash when we walked. I met with Cassie and after our first session I noticed an immediate change in my Mia. Cassie is amazing and I would highly recommend her. You will have a new relationship with your dog.

Image by Kara Eads

Mitch E.

So awesome. Our dog had problems jumping, listening, recall, walking with get the picture. We sent her away for 4 weeks and got a different dog back! Cassie sent us updates and pictures but most importantly she helped train us when we got stella back. Thanks again cassie!


Robi Taylor from BarNone K9

I was fortunate enough to work along side Cassie for several months.

As a coworker, I was able to see Cassie work hundreds of dogs. I was fortunate enough to train client dogs and our personal dogs with her. We were able to learn and challenge each other on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a trainer with professional credentials, tons of experience, and topnotch customer service, look no further.


Karie P.

We recently bought a puppy. After having problems potty training and barking we took him to Wise Tails. Sonny stayed to train for 2 weeks and came back a new well behaved boy. I can't say enough about this program. It was small enough for him to get a lot of attention but also interact with other dogs in a positive way. So glad we took Sonny here. I would recommend to anyone.

IMG_4165 2.JPG

Barb M.

My pup just spent 2 weeks at Wise Tails   Not only did they do a great job with Daisy Duke but Cassie spent plenty of time with me -- teaching me how to continue training at home. I highly recommend this training experience.

Image by Elliott Rothman

Lauren P.

Cassie is amazing!! She has dog-sat for my family and trained our mini Aussie. On both occasions she sent us pictures and progress videos to ensure that our babies were in good hands. Would definitely recommend!

Image by Jay Wennington

Sherry J.

Cassie, owner of Wise Tails Academy, did WONDERS with our fur babies! She is truly an amazing trainer & I’d recommend her any day ... EVERY DAY! Her love for dogs is very evident in her training; she’s thorough & our babies came back different animals. If you’re looking for a great trainer, she’s the one!


Christin P.

Cassie is a highly gifted trainer. I have recommended her to several friends, clients, and even my boss! I have marveled at the success she has had in training a multitude of dogs (some with severe behavioral problems). I will continue to highly recommend WiseTails to anyone and everyone.


Jamie M.

Absolutely love Cassie and her methods. She's the kind of trainer who produces results and gives you the tools you need for success with your pet. Highly recommend.


Lisa Delaney from Outward Hounds Boarding and Daycare

Excellently trainer. Training that sticks. No shortcuts here, the time is put in and the end result is proof! Highly recommend.


Joey T.

Cassie is absolutely amazing. Very passionate about her craft and extremely effective. She did wonders for our dog Milo.


Lauren R.

Cassie has been a lifesaver, she turned the dog we adopted in the the perfect fit for me! I’m so grateful that she could teach an old dog new tricks.



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